I went to London for a few days to visit one my best friends and also my cousin since they both moved there recently. Not that I need an excuse to go back to that city to be honest, I'm always ready to go! It's been four times now and I just love it more every time I go. On that note I'm going to be posting about my trip in the next few days and I'm starting off by showing some photos I took while visiting the Sky Garden in the 20 Fenchurch Street building. The views up there are amazing as you can see! I totally recommend going there since unlike the Shard or the London Eye it is free! All you have to do is book your visit online and bring the tickets with you, plus you can even see both the Shard and London Eye from there so it's almost even better, I would say. 

Let me know what you think of this place and have a great week!