Côte d'Azur | Monaco #1

The stunning Port Hercule

The old port, the Port de Fontvieille, is also visible 

The Palace!  

We did visit it and it was lovely but we couldn't take photos inside. It's a short visit (about 30 minutes) as we only get to see a few rooms but the throne room is one of them which is great. 

Then adventure yourself in the streets of the old town as I did, you will love it I promise!

The Cathedral of Monaco is also a must visit spot in Monaco-Ville as it's where you can find Princess Grace's tomb amongst other former royals of Monaco.

There is a small museum of the old town called Musée du Vieux Monaco which is super small but nice to look at! It's free entrance so why not?!

This it the Musée océanographique de Monaco, the Oceanographic Museum and it's a really nice stop even if you're not a marine biologist like myself because just the architecture of it it's worth a look! Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to go inside which is why I have to go to Monaco again someday...



  1. Wow what a place! Monaco is definitely on my bucket list, it looks beautiful - lovely pictures too! :)

    Scrimping to Splash

    1. Thank you so much! :) really hope you get a chance to go then, I'm sure you will loooove it!!