Portobello Road Market

Walking around street markets is my absolute favorite thing to do in London (whenever I'm lucky enough to be there), particularly Portobello Road Market since it happens to be in Notting Hill aka the best neighborhood ever. You have the food, the fashion, the architecture and everything else cool you find in the little shops and market stands. It's just perfect. 
If its is a Saturday morning in London, you know where to find me!

UK, 2016

Some people come to the Algarve every Summer, I seem to go to the UK every Winter. I think it's fair enough and a much more interesting choice. I can say that because I'm currently living in the Algarve. Having sun is not everything. Unless you're a plant. Then it's a little more relevant. With that said, I recently went to the UK and took some photos of the not-so-sunny-yet-much-more-beautiful London! Here they are...

Lost In, Lisbon

No I'm not lost in Lisbon, although that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. What I have to share today is one of my favorite spots in the city, the rooftop bar Lost In
It's located in Príncipe Real the coolest neighborhood

First of all let's talk about this dreamy decoration. Or let's not talk and just admire it, that works too. 

    Then there's this. No, it's not an ice cream, it's just a mocha. A casual amazing looking mocha. 

And their scones...

If you're not convenced about this place yet what is wrong with you  this is the view from Lost In. As if it wasn't a pretty cool spot already it also offers you Lisbon to look at.

I'm sure by now this place must be in your Lisbon list!